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About our flooring


Yes, we manufacture the finest, reproduction French parquet and rustic wide plank flooring in the business, but our business is far more than making flooring.

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designWe "tailor" the flooring to your desires. We have no ready made inventory. We don't even have flooring lines. What we have are our considerable set of skills at matching species, sizes, colors, textures, finishes and colors and then rendering these into flooring just for you. This often means we have to create a new color blend, surface texture, even redesign tooling.

We can show you our most popular types of wood flooring, colors and treatments as a starting point for discussion; but then we develop the characteristics to achieve your design goals from color creation to surface style. We maintain a stock of flooring samples of the different species and colors to work with you in focusing your wants and needs to the types of specifications we require to create your flooring. It helps to feel and see the different options available. But no stock sample will precisely match either the finished floor or meet your demands.

When we have worked with you, seen your drawings, viewed the location and the lighting, the sub-flooring and anticipated wear projections, gone over your color swatches and building codes, then we can begin the process of refining the steps of matching our materials to your ideal floor.

sampleOnce we have those established, then we produce custom flooring sample swatches (see photo right) that we feel are probably close to being what we have established is what you have in mind. This helps us feel more confident that we are giving you what you want before manufacture commences and you can also have the comfort in knowing that you will receive what you had in mind.

scrappingThen and only then do we actually start the manufacturing process. Well, actually it is more of a "craft" than manufacturing. All the wood is cut, sized, trimmed, sanded, stained, grooved, edged, scraped and finished by hand.. Oh yes, to be sure we use machinery as well, but each board is guided through the process by a craftwman with a good eye and sure hands and the skills to do it right. Each board has his personal imprint on it. Each board is a unique form.

uniqueSo whether we are piecing together a complex parquet panel or laying long, wide boards, each element has its own character making your floor exactly like none other.

If there are applications that do require flooring to be totally visually uniform (allowing for the differences in grain from one plank to the other) we can do that, but not with the wood color being dominant and the finish clear. We need totally smooth and perfect surfaces, none of the imperfections that make our "Rustic" flooring so appealing, a tight grain and a solid stain. Again, we work with you on providing the exact flooring you are looking for.


So give us a call and let us visit with you, talk over what you have in mind and we will give you the exact floor you want. Tel: 1-805-648-7521 or Toll Free 1-855-501-1113.




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Toll Free: 1-855-501-1113 - Tel: 1-805-648-7521 - Fax: 1-805-648-7301 - 6205 Ventura Blvd, Ventura CA 93003, USA

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