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Patina Parquet Flooring


Our custom, hand finished, reproduction antique traditional parquet hardwood flooring was the inspiration that launched Patina over a decade ago (catalogue below). We started first with flooring that was inspired from Versailles and it grew. We made embellished traditional 

designs and even made brand new modern designs based on the classic square. We also created some that were irregular interlinking. The Classic Herringbone was an early product and off shoots of that too were born. All our parquet is available in many species, textures, finishes, colors, sizes and shapes. Browse our catalogue of samples below and then view a full description page by clicking on the link. (Note: we do not manufacture "off the shelf" product lines. All our product is custom designed for each client, so these are for inspiration and ideas.)

Classic Reproduction Antique Parquet


Marie Antoinette

Click on the image for more specifications.



Click on the image for more specifications.