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Modern Floors

Patina has introduced a whole series of new flooring styles and approaches from ultra rustic to sheer, cutting edge ultra modernistic. We have decided to group them together as Patina Modern Flooring with their own unique branding to differentiate them from our Old World Flooring.

As always, each style is a custom design created for a specific need and site specs. Open our online brochure or download a printable high res brochure while our beautifully printed version can be in the mail with a phone call.

Always the innovator and a leader in the industry, Patina specializes in custom textures and colors from ultra matte to high gloss finishes all suitable for both commercial and residential applications. And we don't stop with the flooring itself, we supply custom millwork: stair parts, trim, beams, ceilings, walls, parquet, inlays and borders.

We can get far more creative and push the envelope with our modern flooring. using different species (new and reclaimed), cuts, grades and textures, we create an interesting, often unique look and feel giving spaces an inviting and natural ambience. Dedicated to earth friendly approaches, we will work with you to get "Leed Points", FSC certification is available when needed.

So give us a call 805-648-7521, tell us what you are looking for or what impact you want to make and we will steer you to one of our new products or design one especially for you.


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